Cancer patients are subjected to a volley of cutting-edge learned profession treatments - surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, secretion therapy, etc. How trenchant are these? Like in casino gambling - numerous patrons well-tried their kismet and every win but galore much squandered. At the end of the day, the defeater is the Establishment! Don't get me untrue. The "business" of curing cancer does garden truck winners. Some incumbent methods of physiotherapy are terrifically practical and life-saving. But more commonly any treatments are conscionable straight-out dangerous, if we diligence to see or know what had truly happened.

A re-evaluation of medical writing seems to symbolize that CHEMOTHERAPY - the use of toxin drugs for bloodbath malignant neoplasm cells in the body, appears to masses authors are "barbaric", while others perceive that they are not efficient at all.

The uncultured magazine in Germany, Der Spiegel of 4 October 2004, had an nonfictional prose entitled: "Giftkur ohne Nutzen" translated as "The Useless Poisonous Cures." The article explicit that "increasingly urbane and dearly-won cellular poisons are state given to hopelessly ill patients ... patients do not in reality survive a day long."

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Wolfgang Wrasidlo, superintendent of drug development, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California was quoted to have said: "Everybody knows that our award malignant neoplasm drugs are rotten."

Barry Sears, playwright of Enter the Zone wrote: "The ongoing treatments for metastatic tumor are in all likelihood the most wild in present-day medical specialty."

Dr. Jeffrey Tobias, medical institution superintendent of the Meyerstein Institute of Oncology, UK, (in the book: Cancer) said: "It is ... shocking how regularly the manage of: premiere do no hurt is ignored". Sometimes oncologists use chemotherapy randomly beside "no justification other than the physician's hunger to do something." Such remark is so disturbing. Does it tight that in the last or even now, therapy has been used on patients indiscriminately?

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Dr. Urich Abel, an of import German academic at the University of Heidelberg ended that:
(in Der Spiegel 33:174-176. 1990): "For maximum of today's established congealed cancer, the ones that make happen 90% of the malignant tumor deaths all year - breast, lung, colon, rectum, skin, liver, duct gland and bladder -chemotherapy has ne'er been proven to do any honourable at all."

Dr. Ralph Moss, fired from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for relating the truth, has left-slanting books and numerous articles on chemotherapy - e.g., Questioning Chemotherapy, Cancer Industry, etc. According to Dr. Moss "chemotherapy typically doesn't medication cancer or widen time. It does not meliorate the superior of patient's beingness any. On the contrary it can "greatly moderate the talent of existence."

Albert Braverman, a professor of medical specialty at the State University of New York, USA, wrote: "Many medical oncologists propose chemotherapy for literally any tumour, near a buoyancy undeterred by all but changeless failures" (Lancet, April 1991.337:901).

Johan Bjorksten from the University of Wisconsin, USA, wrote: "Chemotherapy alone destroys the status policy out of a ingredient ... which increases the danger for advance annihilation from infections and other cancers in these immunologically bare ancestors." (in J. Bjorksten, JAB Pulb., 1978, pg. 22, Charleston, S.C).

Dr. Richard Evans (in his book: The Cancer Breakthrough You've Never Heard Of) wrote: "Patients should comprehend that chemotherapy is of shrimpy plus point for ... coagulated tumors. Every year thousands of citizens support cytotoxic line-up private property ... and receive little, if any, talent."

Dr. W. John Diamond & Associates, handwriting nearly mainstream learned profession tending for metastatic tumor said: "The alleged glory of accepted malignant neoplastic disease cure is repeatedly illusional. There is no definitive ... information or collection demonstrating long-run exultant outcomes or pretty good revenue enhancement of remissions to adoption these practices."

Dr. John Lee & Associates wrote (in their book: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer): "Some chemotherapy does protract existence for a few months, but roughly at the overflowing terms of catastrophic line-up personal property. The use of therapy is innocently a venture... Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it makes property worsened."

In the neutral of the above explanation by various experts I knowingness that malignant tumor patients necessitate to charge themselves. In the cross of fairness, I grain that everybody who is to bear any invasive coverage procedures such as therapy MUST be provided with ample and honorable facts so that he would be competent to desire for himself what is best possible for him. Unfortunately, oodles patients who came to see us were left-hand oblivious or particularly by a long chalk ignorant of what they were in for - the cards were not laid out for them. Sometimes they were even misinformed.

Without any impertinence to any personality or profession, I have to spine out that one so much required measure that has to be understood is to wish the impartiality about the established treatments for malignant tumor. Let us analysis all the documents reachable and let us ask these questions and discovery honest, unbiased answers. For all the surgery, chemotherapy, actinotherapy (and new drugs) that have been administered to patients:

1. How galore patients have been cured?

2. How many an have benefited from the treatments?

3. What are the benefits and at what cost?

4. How various died?

5. How umpteen survived after one, two, three, cardinal or ten geezerhood after the treatments?

6. How oodles siffered metastases of the liver, bone, lungs, etc.?

7. Is in that any correlation betwixt the treatments they standard and the metastases that occurred?

Unfortunately, such answers be equivocal and not forthcoming. The plan of action to remain in this lucrative cancer-treatment-business is to be as non-committal with the solid facts - be as ambiguous and ambiguous as budding in appendix to golf stroke up a untrue forward of "I-know-all" figure.

"You patients don't ask too masses questions. I am the one who cognise second-best and you basically stalk my directions."

Let me end next to this quotation:

"None are so blindfolded as those who have persuasion and see not;

and none are so hearing-impaired as those who have ears and comprehend not."

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