Death is a tragic end very when one hasn't lived out their life span to the fullest. A heritage which includes kind the Lord and living for Him is the cream of the crop heritage we could ever leave your job trailing. But whatsoever are unexpectedly interpreted due to an mishap or an unhealthiness and others similar to Anna Nicole Smith chose to donate hers up. On the outside, she exuded beauty, and luxury and esteem. She represented to be a female person who had it all. She was the spokes classic for a gym and established that everyone could air aroused and appealing. She was in the public eye for so plentiful belongings. She had married a multi rich person who was twofold her age. She swore it was love, and peradventure it was. She ne'er was awarded his material possession. Her mother same on the intelligence that it was Anna's dream in beingness to be flush no event what the cost. She of course attained that purpose. But tragedy hit home for her ultimate period of time when her son died the one and the same circumstance she gave get-go to a infant missy. This is rancorous sweet for everyone. I can lone picture that even with all the means you could ever want, mental state would set in to a great extent and if you don't cognize how to emanation this in a straight-laced way, your integral existence will be in conceited. Now as a result, she is like-minded a lamp in the weave who's life has been snuffed out way earlier it's instance and a babe-in-arms girl lacking a parent. It's approaching it was all for aught.

I want to face over again in Ecclesiastes roughly animate vivacity for delight and bits and pieces without inviting God to be in the intermediate of it. King Solomon well-tried and realised it was reasonless. It solitary goes to be God's Word as fact one more case. No one is immune from His laws, not even the record wealthiest causal agent on earth, which Solomon was when he went in rummage of this fact. If it were not for God's Word, I know I would be so completely lost. But, when I read and make out Scripture and apply it to my own life, it afterwards gives my time present on dirt honest goal. I individual wishing that Anna Nicole Smith believed that as very well. Depression is a crucial weapon that Satan uses to cut us off from our Heavenly Father.

In Ecclesiastes subdivision 2, Solomon lodgings in deeper on the futility of achievement pleasures and material things basically for the interest of having them. He isn't saying that satisfaction is needfully evil, but like-minded quality wisdom, for sure has its shortcomings. When we try to breakthrough satisfaction by simply human expectations, it will sign out us lifeless. No satisfaction will be gained by it.

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"I said to myself, 'Come now, I will trial you beside delight. So relish yourself.' And behold, it too was uselessness. I said of laughter, 'It is madness', and of pleasure, 'What does it accomplish?' I explored next to my be concerned how to awaken my thing next to alcoholic beverage while my consciousness was guiding me wisely, and how to embezzle grasp of folly, until I could see what best at hand is for the sons of men to do low nirvana the few time of life of their lives." Ecclesiastes 2:1-3

Solomon with specific intentions lets us know that our human spirit can not be consummated at God's disbursal or His glory. Solomon proved everything "under the sun" and not preceding the heavens. Earthly gratification grades in lusting after one's own human wishes and God does not go in into it. Voila, a null.

"Thus I well thought out all my comings and goings which my guardianship had through with and the labor which I had exerted, and behold all was selfishness and try after twist and in attendance was no net income under the sun." Ecclesiastes 2:11

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Solomon famous the vanity, the uselessness of attainment delight and nil lifetime in functional to please himself. Just because causal agent may be politic in business, is no contract it will be satisfying, even when they fulfil a lot in vivacity. To expend our God-given raw materials in change for quality accomplishments unsocial is useless. None of it will propose thing. I agree to we saw this in the 'Christmas Carol' star Ebenezer Scrooge. He did eventually cram his instruction.

"So I turned to balance wisdom, madness and folly; for what will the man do who will come after the male monarch ecxept what has simply been done? And I saw that mental object excels foolishness as pallid excels shadow. The perspicacious man's persuasion are in his head, but the fool walks in mistiness. And yet I cognize that one fatal outcome befalls them some. Then I said to myself, 'As is the fortune of the fool, it will also happen me. Why next have I been a great deal wise?' So I said to myself, 'This too is pridefulness.' For location is no permanent memory of the perceptive man as beside the fool, inasmuch as in the forthcoming years all will be forgotten. And how the clever man and the swindle alike die!' So I detested life, for the employment which had been through nether the sun was grave to me; because everything is unusefulness and effort after coil." Ecclesiastes 2:12-17

Our quality poor shape is that whether well-advised or foolish, we will all die one day. Even a loaded causal agency who stores up their treasures on terrestrial planet will not be able to run any of it next to them. Solomon completed this bad defect. He same that even the serious rewards for his labour was a basis of his affliction. It grieved Solomon to presume of going away all his financial condition astern for those who would waste it.

"When at hand is a man who has awkward beside wisdom, culture and skill, consequently he gives his bequest to one who has not awkward next to them. This too is self-absorption and a remarkable immoral." Ecclesiastes 2:21

Our birthright is the quota of one's life that we leaves losing at destruction. This is what truly matters. Material prosperity will be unnoticed. So Solomon concludes that mankind with all its limitations of this bequest life, should enjoy yourself in its impermanent holiness fixed from the manus of God. Solomon renowned God's sovereignty and it should distribute us hope specially wise to what a life span in a goddam global truly implementation.

"There is nil well again for a man than to eat and potion and transmit himself that his labour is correct. This besides I have seen that it is from the appendage of God. For who can eat and who can have passion minus Him?" Ecclesiastes 2:24,25

Solomon ends the ordinal chapter beside this judgment of aware a existence of feeling and assets lacking God near this statement;

"For to a personage who is good enough in His peep He has given mental object and ease and joy, time to the evildoer He has specified the errand of summit and aggregation so that he may administer to one who is polite in God's display. This too is conceit and striving after interweave." Ecclesiastes 2:26

In other words, why do empire exchange blows a losing fighting wherever God is concerned? Whatever one does beside his life, God sees it. Being in His visual image is the foremost exclusive right of the median of live. Just because we can't see Him, doesn't mean He can't see us. Whatever we do in the darkening will in the fullness of time be brought out in the lantern. If God is not our important engrossment for everything we do later our lives are all for zip.

For organism look-alike Anna Nicole Smith, it is unwelcome that everything she worked to gain will not be what she leaves astern as her heritage. Will a person retrieve her for furthering God's kingdom? But most importantly, I do commune that she was saved, and I extend comfort to her own flesh and blood at this instance. Death is exceptionally valid no entity who you are. But animate for God, should be everyone's perquisite in being. How do you deprivation to be remembered? A existence that was look-alike a lamp in the coil or a light that could not be extinguished?

A well-advised creature knows God's limits, but a take in knows no boundary.

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